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Resources for  Students who have experienced a traumatic Event  

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Welcome to the Stanley Middle      School Counseling Department

Welcome to Stanley School Counseling! We are available for email, phone and zoom calls. Please reach out via email and we would be happy to provide support and encouragement. Our email addresses are:

Jennifer Montague (A - Ha,  Monday - Friday)


       Mary Nolan (Hb - P, Monday-Friday)


       Tiffany Sullivan (Q - Z, Monday-Thursday)


 For student support:
 Students are encouraged to fill out the green form which is located in the front office if they would like to see their school counselor
For PARENT Assistance: 
We speak to parents during the morning and throughout the day via phone 
Please email us for an appointment


~The Stanley Counseling Department Thanks     LPIE and PTA for their support!

Stanley Wildcats
Stanley Wildcats
Welcome to Stanley School Counseling!

Stanley School Counseling Services

Stanley School Counselors are here to support the Academic and Social Emotional needs of Stanley students. We have the best job in the world! We get to be problem solvers and see real change and improvement when we teach students skills and help the adults in their lives communicate and set up systems at home to support their learning needs. We offer creative interventions, establish rapport and provide a friendly, professional place to process adolescent experiences and strong emotions. Initially we meet with students individually and determine interventions and supports that they may need. Those supports may be small groups, short term individual check ins, and conflict resolution meetings.

Stanley school Counselors also support the adults in a students life. The teachers, administrators and parents are important stakeholders in the well rounded education of a student. We work together with adults via emails, meetings, and confidential phone calls as we develop plans and interventions to support the academic and social learning of our students. 

Students have confidentiality with their school counselor except in moments when they speak of concerns about their own safety or the safety of others. In those moments, counselors will need to seek out additional support for that student. 


For Crisis support:

24x7 Counselors: This is a service for all callers needing to talk something out and get support. These counselors will not only provide text or phone counseling, but also refer to other social services resources you may request:

Crisis Text Line:  Text counseling - an amazing nationwide resource. If you or anyone you know is experiencing anxiety, stress, or isolation. The trained Crisis Counselors at the US Crisis Text Line are here to help. To reach the counselors, just text SHARE to 741741. It's free, confidential, and available 24/7.

     Lastly, a quick THANK YOU to LPIE and all of the support that LPIE and PTA provide so that we can offer a high quality School Counseling Experience~ Go Wildcats!

The mission of the Stanley Middle School Counseling Department is to provide a safe and nurturing environment that supports the development of the whole child through academic, social-emotional and personal support and intervention strategies.

Department Goals:

  • To develop positive, trusting, relationships with students so that we can assist them in solving important personal, academic, and social issues.
  • To work collaboratively with teachers, administrators and parents to provide interventions for students’ success in school.
  • To connect students to activities that encourage positive personal growth and peer relationships.
  • To assist students and staff in realizing social- emotional, ethical growth, and cultural sensitivity.
  • To provide information and support to teachers and families about issues on campus and in the larger society that affect our students.
  • To help implement school-wide programs that support students’ academic, social-emotional growth, and positive school climate.
  • Our school counselors utilize the ASCA school counseling model to help maintain a strong school counseling program 
  Jennifer Montague (925) 927-3543 School Counselor, A-Ha
  Mary Nolan (925) 927-3541 Counselor Hb-P
  Tiffany Sullivan (925) 927-3542 School Counselor, Q - Z
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