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Information Literacy: Find, Evaluate, and Use Information

"Researchers of any age must learn the information literacy skills of locating, evaluating, organizing, and using information to thoughtfully answer questions and creatively solve problems." -California School Library Association, 2004


To find credible information on the Internet, start with the links from your school library. Learn to use databases (resources evaluated and selected by educators) and directories (websites organized and evaluated by knowledgeable people) and you will find good information FAST!



Evaluating websites is extremely important when using the Internet for your research projects. As you know, not everything you find on the Internet is true or useful. It is up to you to determine if a website is worth using. Use these links and guides to help you choose the best sites:

Website Evaluation New Form.pdf

Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide

Dog Island



Information has been gathered. Notes are now written and organized by subtopics. Remember to cite your sources! Use the following website for the most up to date MLA formatting tool:


Purdue's Online MLA Writing Guide

What is plagiarism and how to avoid it video from the Brock University Library.